Cell Division Class 10

Welcome to your Cell Division Class 10

1. The term Meiosis was coined by
2. New cells need to be produced for
3. The regions where crossing over takes place are called
4. In meiotic cell division, fo cells are produced by two successive divisions in which ur daughter
5. Synthesis phase in the cell cycle is called so for the synthesis of more of
6. In which one of the following options the stages of mitosis has been given in correct sequence?
7. The nuclear membrane and nucleolus become indistinguishable during
8. The period between two successive mitotic divisions is
9. Meiosis I is also known as
10. The number of chromosomes are halved in a certain type of cell division which occurs in
11. Karyokinesis is the division of
12. Duplication of DNA occurs in
13. After mitotic cell division, a female human cell will have
14. The nuclear membrane disappears in
15. Meiosis occurs in
16. Duplicated chromosomes are joined at a point termed
17. The disappearance of spindle and uncoiling of chromosomes takes place in
18. The centromere divides into two in
19. The term chromosome literally means
20. The process of Meiosis takes place to produce
21. The chromatin material is formed of
22. Cell division occurring in somatic cells is
23. How many chromosomes are found in a cell of a human?
24. Leptotene, Zygotene and Diplotene phases are found in
25. Cytokinesis is the division of

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