Elements and Compounds Class 6

Welcome to your Elements and Compounds Class 6

1. The number of atoms present in a molecule of an element is calledDeselect Answer
2. The minerals from which metals can be extracted commercially are calledDeselect Answer
3. The pure substances that are made of only same kind of atoms areDeselect Answer
4. Atoms may or may not exist independentlyDeselect Answer
5. Elements that show properties of both metals and non metals are calledDeselect Answer
6. The word atom is derived from the Greek word atomos which meansDeselect Answer
7. Which of the following is a metal?Deselect Answer
8. Anything that occupies space and has mass is calledDeselect Answer
9. Pure substances that are made of same kinds of molecules areDeselect Answer
10. Properties of metals areDeselect Answer

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