Excretory System Class 10

Welcome to your Excretory System Class 10

1. Profuse sweating takes place during heavy muscular exercise. The reason is
2. A tube that arises from the kidney and connects behind with the urinary bladder is called
3. Excretion primarily involves
4. What is located within the glomerular capsule?
5. What is the chief nitrogenous waste in mammals?
6. Which term describes a one way valve composed of smooth muscle that functions in elimination of urine?
7. The consumption of alcohol has what effect on the human urinary system?
8. The structural and functional unit of kidney is
9. Where does blood go after it leaves the glomerulus?
10. The apex of each pyramid which projects into the pelvis of the kidney is called
11. The bowman's capsule and the glomerulus together are called
12. Ultrafiltration occurs in
13. Which of the following are located in the cortex of the kidney?
14. Maximum amount of water from glomerular filtrate is reabsorbed in
15. Which of the following organs is the storage area of urine?
16. Which section of the Nephron is primarily responsible for concentrating the urine?
17. The removal of nitrogenous wastes is called as
18. Choose the Odd one out
19. Which product, secreted by the kidney, helps regulate blood pressure?
20. The Urinary system consists of

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