Mixed Substances Class 6

Welcome to your Mixed Substances Class 6

1. The solution in which no more solid can be dissolved is calledDeselect Answer
2. Which of the following is an example of impurity?Deselect Answer
3. Alum is used toDeselect Answer
4. The mixture obtained after mixing a solute in a solvent is called aDeselect Answer
5. The process of transferring clear supernatant liquid into a separate clear container without disturbing the sediment is calledDeselect Answer
6. A heterogeneous mixture that consists of a solid dissolved in a liquidDeselect Answer
7. The process in which liquid changes into vapours on heating is calledDeselect Answer
8. Syrup is an example ofDeselect Answer
9. The process by which insoluble solid particles are separated from a liquid using a filter paper isDeselect Answer
10. Which of the following is not an example of mixture?Deselect Answer
11. The constituents of a mixture areDeselect Answer
12. A mixture of husk and Wheat is an example ofDeselect Answer
13. A heterogeneous mixture in which one liquid is dispersed as fine droplets in another liquid.Deselect Answer
14. Common salt is prepared from sea water by the process ofDeselect Answer
15. The solid part of the solution is calledDeselect Answer
16. Which of the following mixtures can be separated using Sublimation?Deselect Answer
17. What kind of mixture can be separated through winnowing?Deselect Answer
18. Process in which a mixture changes into vapours directly on heating without passing through liquid phaseDeselect Answer
19. In a mixture, the liquid to which the solute is added is calledDeselect Answer
20. A substance that is composed of two or more substances mixed in any ratio isDeselect Answer

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