Plant Physiology

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1. In hot summer days, plant cooling is due to
2. The rate of photosynthesis is not affected by
3. The specific function of light energy in the process of photosynthesis is to
4. If the rate of transpiration becomes more than the rate of photosynthesis, plants will
5. Which one of these reaction occurs during photosynthesis?
6. NADP is expanded as
7. A plant is kept in a dark cupbord for about 48 hours before conducting any experiment on photosynthesis to
8. Guttation is the elimination of excess of water from plants through
9. Plasma membrane controls
10. Ethylene is used for
11. The hormone responsible for phototropism and geotropism is
12. Marine fish when thrown under tap water bursts because of
13. Osmosis involves diffusion of
14. The phytohormone that helps in the germination of seeds is
15. A plant hormone related with inhibition of senescence is
16. Process of endosmosis stops
17. Compensation point means the condition
18. In the process of Osmosis in a cell:
19. Which of the following is not an effect of ethylene?
20. Positive geotropism is exhibited by
21. A cell that lacks chloroplast does not
22. Osmosis involves
23. A phytohormone existing in gaseous state is
24. When a plant wilts, the sequence of events is as follows:
25. Which of the following regulate closure of stomata?
26. Which one of the following would not be a limiting factor for photosynthesis?
27. In the mechanism of opening and closing of stomata, the important factor is
28. When cell is fully turgid, which of the following will be zero?
29. The production of starch and not glucose is often used as a measure of photosynthesis in leaves because
30. Water will be absorbed by the root hairs when:
31. The space between the cell wall and plasma membrane in a plasmolysed cell is filled with
32. Plants lose water by guttation when
33. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
34. Internodal elongation is associated with
35. Transpiration is very low during the storms due to
36. Transpiration pull will be maximum under which of the following conditions?
37. A plant hormone for inducing Morphogenesis in plant tissue culture is
38. One of the synthetic auxin is
39. Seeds when soaked in water imbibe in it because
40. Cell division in plants is promoted by
41. To increase sugar production in sugarcanes, they are sprayed with
42. Stomata open during the day and close at night because
43. Which would do maximum harm to a tree?
44. The phytohormone that prevents the germination of seeds is
45. Chlorophyll is present

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