Sense Organs

Welcome to your Sense Organs

1. Find the incorrect match
2. The defect of vision in which the image of nearby objects is formed behind the retina is
3. The aperture in the eye through which light enters is the
4. What type of image is formed by the eye lens on the retina?
5. The median cochlear canal of inner ear is filled with
6. Which part of our ear is shaped like a snail shell?
7. Find the correct statement about the eustachian tube.
8. The defect of vision in which a person cannot see the distant objects clearly but can see nearby objects clearly is called
9. Aqueous humour is present between the
10. The sequence of ear ossicles of vertebrates starting from the tympanum is
11. Which part of the eye is grafted in a needy patient from a donated eye?
12. The parts of the human ear concerned with hearing are
13. The number of spinal nerves in a human being are
14. The medical condition in which the lens of the eye of a person becomes progressively cloudy resulting in blurred vision is called
15. The defect of the eye in which the eye ball becomes too long is
16. Which of the following is true about retina?
17. The photoreceptor cells of the retina sensitive to colour are
18. Find the incorrect match
19. The vestibular and tympanal canal of inner ear is filled with
20. The part of the human eye where rod cells and cone cells are located is the

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