States Of Matter Class 6

Welcome to your States Of Matter Class 6

1. On cooling, the molecules of a substanceDeselect Answer
2. Matter expands onDeselect Answer
3. Matter contracts onDeselect Answer
4. The movement of particles in liquid or gas, caused by collisions with molecules of the surrounded medium is calledDeselect Answer
5. The space occupied by matter is called asDeselect Answer
6. LPG stands forDeselect Answer
7. The property of matter due to which they can flow or move or intermix with different other substances on their own isDeselect Answer
8. The burning of candle is aDeselect Answer
9. Choose the odd one outDeselect Answer
10. Which of these has maximum intermolecular spaces?Deselect Answer
11. The state of matter changes onDeselect Answer
12. The melting and freezing point of most liquids areDeselect Answer
13. Random movement of molecules areDeselect Answer
14. On heating, the molecules of a substanceDeselect Answer
15. The amount of substance contained in the matter isDeselect Answer
16. Choose the odd one outDeselect Answer
17. Which of the following cannot be compressed?Deselect Answer
18. A small gap is left between the railway tracks toDeselect Answer
19. Which of the following does not sublime?Deselect Answer
20. Intermolecular force in solids or liquids that holds the molecules together isDeselect Answer

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