The Circulatory System

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1. The function of WBC is
2. The chief function of lymph nodes in mammals is to
3. Agranulocytes are
4. What will happen if the spleen of a man is removed?
5. Which protein is used in preventing clotting of blood?
6. The beating of the heart is heard on the left side, because
7. Arteries are
8. Blood pressure is
9. Erythroblastosis foetalis can occur when
10. Blood pressure is measured by
11. The nearest organ to which the heart supplies oxygenated blood is
12. Angina pectoris is due to
13. A blood disorder in which the hemoglobin is defective
14. When a doctor is recording your pulse, he is pressing on your wrist exactly on a
15. Which of the following two-word items mean the same thing?
16. Which of the following carries deoxygenated blood to the lungs from the right ventricle?
17. Which of the following forms clots when blood vessels get damaged?
18. A small branch of an artery that leads into a capillary is called
19. White blood cells engulf bacteria in a process called
20. The blood vessel supplying blood to the kidney is

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