The Reproductive System

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1. The normal gestation period in humans is
2. The middle piece of the sperm provides
3. Semen is the mixture of sperms and secretions from
4. In human males, the testes lie in the scrotum because it helps in the
5. When pregnancy does not occur the life of the corpus luteum is about
6. Ovulation in mammals is a process in which
7. What will happen if the temperature of the scrotal sacs temporarily goes to about 2°C lower than normal temperature?
8. If the vas deferens of a man are surgically disconnected or removed
9. Leydig cells produce
10. Sterilization in the female involves cutting and tying the
11. Corpus luteum in mammals is present in
12. The onset of menstruation in the female is termed as
13. The embryo in humans gets nutrition from the mother with the help of a special tissue called
14. Fertilization means
15. The fixing of the blastocyst to the wall of the uterus or endometrium is called
16. Which one of the following is the route that a sperm follows when it leaves the testes of a mammal?
17. The site of maturation of human sperms is the
18. In females, after how much time after fertilization does the fertilized egg get implanted in the uterine wall?
19. In human beings, the fertilization occurs in the
20. The stoppage of menstruation in the female is termed as

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