Transportation in Plants Class 8

Welcome to your Transportation in Plants Class 8

1. A plant cell without nucleus is theDeselect Answer
2. The living component of Xylem isDeselect Answer
3. Macronutrient required for the formation of ChlorophyllDeselect Answer
4. The age of the tree is found by countingDeselect Answer
5. Which of the following is a micronutrient?Deselect Answer
6. An example of impermeable membrane isDeselect Answer
7. Diffusion of water through semi permeable membrane is calledDeselect Answer
8. The surface attraction of water by cell wall is calledDeselect Answer
9. What happens to the leaves if the rate of transpiration is more than the rate of absorption of water?Deselect Answer
10. The force of attraction between like molecules is calledDeselect Answer
11. Transpiration helps plants inDeselect Answer
12. Transpiration pull will be maximum under which of the following conditions?Deselect Answer
13. The process in plants that require energy isDeselect Answer
14. Lenticels are present inDeselect Answer
15. Food conducting tissue of Plant isDeselect Answer
16. The rate of transpiration decreases if the humidity isDeselect Answer
17. During continuous loss of water in the form of water vapor from the leaves, a suction pressure is created calledDeselect Answer
18. An element that is regarded as both macro and micronutrientDeselect Answer
19. Transpiration will be reduced due toDeselect Answer
20. The loss of water in the form of water vapour is calledDeselect Answer

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