Fundamentals of Genetics

Welcome to your Fundamentals of Genetics

1. An exception to Mendel's law is
2. Pea plants were used in Mendel's experiments because
3. DNA structure was discovered by
4. Which of the following is true about the "Law of Segregation"?
5. When an individual has both the genes of a contrasting character, it is said to be
6. The geometrical device that helps to find out all the possible combinations of male and female gametes is known as
7. The crossing of F1 to any of the parent is known as
8. The alternative form of a gene is
9. Which one of the following is a phenotypic monohybrid ratio in F2 generation?
10. Which term represents a pair of contrasting characters?
11. A cross was made between tall and dwarf plants. In F1 generation, all plants were tall, when the F1 plants were self pollinated, the tall and dwarf plants appeared in 3:1 ratio in F2 generation. This phenomenon is known as
12. Who among the following is called the father of Genetics?
13. Mendel's findings were rediscovered by
14. When two individuals differing in atleast one character are crossed, the process is known as
15. The 9:3:3:1 dihybrid ratio is due to
16. What is the effect of sexual reproduction?
17. Chromosomal aberrations are caused by
18. Genetics is a branch of Biology dealing with
19. The smallest unit of genetic material which produces a phenotypic effect on mutation is
20. The genotypic ratio of a monohybrid cross is

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