Nervous System

Welcome to your Nervous System

1. The insulating sheath covering the axon is called
2. Which one of the following pairs of brain part and its function is not correctly matched?
3. A mixed nerve is one which
4. Reflex action is controlled by
5. Which one of the following is responsible for controlling body temperature?
6. Which of the following is absent in a neuron?
7. The basic structural and functional unit of brain is
8. The function of nervous system is to
9. A point of contact between two neurons is termed as
10. Cerebellum is the part of the brain which is responsible for
11. The control of reflex action is through
12. The ventral root ganglion of the spinal cord contains cell bodies of the
13. A reflex arc in man is best described as movement of stimuli from
14. Which of the following is not a natural reflex action?
15. Unlike thespinal cord, the brain mainly has grey matter on the ____ and white matter on the _____
16. The presence of folds in the brain indicates a modification to
17. Which portion of a neuron receives neurotransmitters from a previous neuron, signalling the need for propagation of an action potential?
18. Which of the following statements about axons is true?
19. Which of the following best describes the order of information processing in a neuron?
20. Neurilemma cells are also called

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